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ISO 14001 certificate

Environmental Policy Statement

Electricity contract declaration

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Factory Soft start motor unit New chiller

Guy-Raymond has ISO 14001 certification, demonstrating our commitment to environmental protection, and we are working to identify ways of further reducing our impact on the environment.

For example, as well as reducing our electricity consumption (see below), we have also switched to a contract relating to electricity generated from renewable sources.

In November 2008 we started an electricity power reduction project and as a result of this we have identified many potential savings, some small but some very large. Many of these ideas have since been implemented, including:

The replacement of old air compressors with a new motor inverter controlled screw compressor. This will save approximately 161 000 KWH every year, which represents over 10% of our electricity consumption;

The replacement of 8' fluorescent tubes in the Injection Moulding department with new high frequency T5 tubes, with improved positioning, which has reduced power consumption from 9.0KW to 2.2 KW;

Fitting energy saving soft start motor units to two 100 ton moulding machines for evaluation. This will reduce the machines' power consumption by approximately 10%, or 0.8 KW per machine;

Fitting an air blast cooler which draws in cold air from outside to cool the water used in the Injection Moulding department, when the outside ambient air temperature is below 14°C.

A new chiller was fitted in August 2010 in the Injection Moulding department. The new chiller has two compressors and three cooling fans which are all controlled independently to save electricity. We currently estimate that it will save 25-30% compared with the old chiller it replaced.

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