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GR castors GR50 castor GR50FB castor Rigid glides Tilt glides GR40 castor Unicastor

GR castors are available with so many different options that there is a model for almost any application. Our selection of glides complements the castor range and offers a simple alternative where castors are not required. A wide selection of fittings is available as standard for all these products. The following castors and glides are available:

GR50 castor

The GR50 castor is the traditional choice for office swivel chairs and remains a popular option for all types of seating, as well as for mobile furniture, shop and display equipment and many other applications. All GR50 castors are available in an antistatic version.

Tower diameters: 16mm; 28mm; 36mm; 38mm; 41.5mm; 45mm; 50mm; flat top
Wheels: Hard wheels for carpeted floors; soft tyres for hard floors
Brakes: Free wheeling; footbrake; brake unloaded; brake loaded
Load capacity: 50kg (30kg for footbrake castor with soft tyres)
Standard colours: Black

See pages 8-20 (chair castors) and 32-35 of the components catalogue

GR glides (rigid)

GR glides are available in two heights and are ideal for checkout chairs and office chairs as well as tables and other furniture. Antistatic models are also available.

Tower diameters: 14mm; 28mm; 36mm; 41.5mm; 50mm
Load capacity: 50kg
Standard colours: Black

See pages 22-25 of the components catalogue

GR glides (tilt)

Tilt glides have 10mm or 11mm circlip stems which tilt to 20° from perpendicular. We also produce tube end tilt glides.

Base diameters: 25mm; 32.5mm; 40mm; 47.5mm; 55mm
Load capacity: 50kg to 200kg
Standard colours: Black

See page 21 of the components catalogue

GR40 castor

The lightweight GR40 castor is intended for use on domestic furniture and other light duty products. It is available with a wide range of fixing options.

Tower diameter: 11mm
Wheels: Hard wheels
Brakes: Free wheeling
Load capacity: 30kg
Standard colours: Black

See pages 30-31 of the components catalogue


Unique to Guy-Raymond, the Unicastor is height adjustable to allow furniture to be moved and then lowered into position once in place. It is ideal for heavy cupboards and wardrobes as it enables them to be moved without being emptied.

Wheels: Hard wheels
Brakes: Free wheeling
Load capacity: 50kg
Standard colours: Black

See page 27 of the components catalogue

For more detailed information, please download our components catalogue.

If you are looking for larger or designer castors, please also see our GRX range.

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